Who can wear a dress that has too many fashion trends in one!

Fashion Week is almost over and we have seen more or less that anything goes for SS17.  It is all about 80s revival, fabric clashes and style clashes. As fun it is all to watch , we have to see it for what it really is. An inspiration of how to keep our look modern and relevant- which means to every woman something different. We are not only all different, live in different places but have also different needs what type of clothing works best in our ” current” wardrobe.

Here are some truths to remember:

  1. Not every single trend has been designed with our body shape in mind.
  2. Every single retailer has their idealised customer and every single designer is re- creating themselves with a new fashion muse every year.
  3. The trendier a dress is – meaning it has more than two fashion trends in one item combined- the more disposable it gets.  So, the more fashion trends it has the less versatile it gets to create different dressing styles but also, it will last only a fashion minute- because TRENDINESS goes very quickly out of fashion.
  4. Last not least these sort of ” trendy dresses- are looking best on the young, tall and small in size women. The reason is that trendiness is creating visual clutter and it needs space to ” breath” and to hang. Also, when you are young you are meant to experiment with your look rather having everything figured out. Having said that – it means also, when you are older less is more- otherwise you are not looking like a fashion pro but like a fashion amateur. Someone who is still experimenting with her look.

As you can see the dress below has the following trending fashion characteristics: Asymmetric, off the shoulder , batwing shoulders, stripe fashion, print fashion and colour blocking.

Below we have put a designer dress by Vivien Westwood on the different body shapes. As you can see it looks best on the Neat Hourglass and Lean Column best. But it works here as well on the Rectangle Bodyshape because it creates the illusion of a waist with its asymmetric style.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 18.17.30

So, before buying a fashion trend have a look at our STYLE ME, where you can see how garments look on your body shape.

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