How to wear a stripe dress!

This season there is no escape from striped fashion and especially stripe dresses. Unfortunately only a few of us can wear this trend since they are very unforgiving.  First of all because stripe fashion is adding visually volume and attention to our body shape, which is good if we can take it and it creates visual balance in our look and body shape.

Secondly stripe dresses need to be seen and worn straight, which means they can’t be stretched or look bumpy otherwise the stripe dress looks terribly wrong.  In general lean column and neat hourglass body shapes are the only body shapes that will be able to wear stripe dresses, because it creates volume and roundness to the lean column and flatters the perfect balanced neat hourglass. Below I have put the same strapless stripe dress on 7 body shapes and you can see straight away what works and what doesn’t. But you can see try it out as well yourself by creating an avatar of yourself on our STYLEME channel.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 14.54.50

It looks perfect on the neat hourglass, the stripes start to stretch out around the hips on the full hourglass and makes it look fuller,  it looks bumpy and squashed on the apple body shape due to the fullness around the tummy and little space between bust and tummy, on the pear it loses its stripe pattern around the hips and creates the wrong attention at the fuller place.

It kind of works here on the inverted triangle because the strapless dress creates volume and attention on the lower half of the body, so it balances out the broader shoulders.  On the lean column it creates the illusion of a waist as well roundness around the bust and hip area.  On the rectangle this stripe dress looks too boxy and though it has a bit of an asymmetric style in the waist area it is not enough to create the illusion of a waist. So, my advice here – please know yourself before you dress yourself in order to look your best every day. 




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