What to wear in January!

The weather in January has been quiet temperamental to say the least. We saw extreme weather from heavy snow fall and heavy rain to freezing temperatures. Others were lucky enough enjoying hot temperatures while escaping on a beach holiday. So, being all in tune with fashion is quite challenging. This year the pastel colours arrived early on the fashion map, so as long as you integrate them into your daily look when you see fit you are all spot on. One of my favourite colours is yellow, which is an ideal colour for a rain jacket living in London. It cheers me up enormously in the grey weather. On another note the Golden Globe 2014 will be taking place this weekend. My money is on gowns in yellow, pastel colours and white.  Hopefully stylist are being kind to their clients by dressing them in dresses that work for their body shape rather only what is the latest in fashion or the latest from the runway. At the end the dress needs to follow the curves of a woman and not the other way around.

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