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What to wear for New Year’s EVE!

New Year’s Eve is near and the question is not only what to wear on New Year’s Eve, but also how to put your outfit together, that reflects the current fashion without being too trendy as well is appropriate for your age group. The “know how and the dressing code” is different for every age group. Showing too much creativity in your outfit at the wrong age group shows lack of styling skills, because it feels like you are still experimenting with your look- you have not yet found yourself-which at that age is not particularly the best impression you want to communicate.  While at the right age it feels right to experiment with your looks plus having the courage to express your creativity- it shows and says you are still open and not settled. Being too groomed too early or well put together or even dressed in lady like outfits at a too young age will look like that you are out of your depth- that you need a few more years “to grow into those shoes” .  At the same time at the right age it reflects class and style. Or take exposing too much skin or too tight fitted dresses at the wrong age – you can’t stop thinking it feels kind of desperate like trying to proof a point e.g. you still have a young body. On the other hand at at the right age it looks right, beautiful and like fitting a second pair of glove. Whether we like it or not every age group has its own dressing code, which you can take on a negative note by thinking it is limiting or on a positive note that it is liberating. Meaning you can recreate your look from decade to decade. In my opining it is always best to look different and current and rather trying desperate looking the same throughout the years, which will become over the years more and more difficult since our body and skin simply do change. You are only setting yourself up for failure by trying to compete with your younger self. So, it is much better to embrace the change instead and to look your best at any age- nothing is more youthfully then to know to how to dress right and current at the same time!

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