Maxi Dresses for every Body shape!

What maxi dress in suits you best for Christmas, summer, warm weather, holidays or special ocassions? Which style and shape will flatter you the most? Or is it all the same because they tend cover up the body. And the answer is no to the first question! It should suit your body shape, body size, neckline, bust and arm size. It is just another fashion myth that as long as you get the right size in your maxi dress that you don’t have to worry about a fit, because it is covers up all of your body. Size is nothing without suitability! Otherwise it is back to all of the same: You are creating the wrong attention to the wrong features and creating the wrong effect to your visual body balance. So, make your next “Maxi Dress” into a keeper with maximum impact and wear it many versatile ways- especially for the upcoming party and Christmas season ahead! Here is a visual short guide what to look out for in your maxi dress when dressing to your body shape:

1. Neat Hourglass


2. Full Hourglass


3. Apple


4. Inverted Triangle


5. Pear

6. Rectangle


7. Lean Column





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