Michaela Jedinak in the WALL STREET JOURNAL!

Christina Binkley, style and fashion editor, for the Wall Street Journal asked Michaela Jedinak on why she prefers designing dresses with short -3/4 sleeves for her customers. Currently Michaela Jedinak has 90 dress designs in her collection of which are only 2 sleeveless.  Click here to read the whole article.

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MICHAELA JEDINAK’s unwritten rules on why she prefers to design dresses with longer sleeves to sleeveless dress options.

Most of my customers primarily prefer dresses with sleeves . Most choose short-sleeved but many like the option to customise to 3/4 sleeves

1.Dresses with sleeves cost much more to make and need to be cut well to fit well which is why so many designers play safe and only offer sleeveless dresses .

2. They look sharper and more professional for all occasions and unlike sleeveless you don’t always need to wear a jacket for work- one thing less to worry about when dressing for the day.

3. Sleeves create a visually more balanced look

4 sleeves make you look strong . this is especially important for women over 35 years who start to have sloping shoulders.

5.Many women feel insecure about their arms shape and skin so why go sleeveless and feel self-conscious

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