The Valentino EDIT!

Valentino is dressing the modern woman. She is strong, a leader, fearless yet kind, compassionate and respectful to her environment. She doesn’t need to roar to be heard, but instead leads by example. A true heroine that dresses with a ladylike, redefined timeless elegance with twist and modern edge. Her dressing style is based on timeless styles, paired with quality in fabric and finished with her individual signature touch that celebrates individuality rather being a bad copy of someone else. The modern heroine is her own expert, knows who she is – inside and outside- and knows how to dress for her body shape and her unique STYLE DNA. She chooses signature pieces that highlight her body strengths rather body weaknesses.

As seen at Milan’s fashion week the “MODERN WOMAN” style trend is continuing by focusing on graphic yet romantic fashion pieces. It featured women who are taking their lead, doing it their own way- classy, strong with a unique voice, comfortable with their inside and outside and who is not afraid to fight for what she wants. This fashion season is focusing on signature pieces that are all about glam with a fresh take on monochrome looks, orange, lace- all teamed up with a modern romantic feel and touch. Some designs are showcasing a stronger tendency to another big trend the art & crafts movement, which is again about the celebration of individuality rather conforming to a certain look.

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