Shorts for the Summer Heat!

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures at their highest. Best dressing code are SUMMER SHORTS – no matter if for a city cool or relaxed weekend outing. This season summer shorts come in different styles and fabrics, so you create stylish day and night looks.  Summer shorts are the perfect warm weather wardrobe to create a lot of versatile looks from street style to sophisticated fashion forward looks. But there two rules to remember how to wear summer shorts right: Your look must be effortless chic or cool and you need to have a great set of legs.  Don’t assume only because you find the right size in your summer shorts that they will look great on you. This summer trend is only something for women who have great thighs, knees and calves; because shorts are creating a focus to this body part. And is always best to create only attention to your body strengths and not body weaknesses. Size doesn’t equal suitability as well only because it is in fashion it is not going to make you look good or cool. So, know yourself first before you dress yourself. Be a fashion pro and not a fashion victim.


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