Michaela Jedinak met Arianna Huffington at her book launch THRIVE at Grace Belgravia!

It was a very special day for Michaela Jedinak when she met Arianna Huffington for her book launch “Thrive” at Grace Belgravia. She was interviewed by Veronique Forge, editor in chief for Business Feminin, about her inspiration for her book as well about life lessons learned. It was very inspirational talk about how to redefine sucess and create a happier life. One of her most important advice was to get more sleep in order to be more rested, happier, calmer and balanced. She says it makes us better people as well better business leaders, because we are able to do better business decisions.  One of the best advices she gave that day for anybody who is starting out as an entrepreneur was by her mother especially to my heart :” Failure is not the opposite to success. Failure is the stepping stone to success”. Michaela Jedinak was dressed for this special occasion in her new custom made two tone Bailey dress from her new ” Pleat Collection”.




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