Business woman Carolyn Pearson dressed in the red Anna dress by Michaela Jedinak!

Carolyn Pearson- founder of Maiden Voyage- is an expert on how do do power dressing for work and business travels. Nobody wants to pay the excess fee for extra luggage.  So, it is all about being business savy , how to pack and what to pack when going on a business trip. She recently met Michaela Jedinak at the Soho Hotel where she had a day and evening packed with meetings.  That day she demonstrated what power dressing is and how to do versatile dressing for when traveling on business. Carolyn Pearson was dressed in the red Anna dress by Michaela Jedinak that she accessorised to her style personality and in tune for the Soho Hotel. Some of her meetings took place in the Soho Hotel Terrace suite, which is ideal for private meetings as well a favourite among A list celebrities . Later in the evening she changed her accessories with the red Anna dress for a more glamorous look right for cocktail hour at their Crimson Bar.

See and read more about how power dressing is done by a pro when traveling on business.

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