Infographic on body shape and its key findings!

This data was the rationale for the introduction of my own collection.Michaela Jedinak London I have created the perfect and most flattering dresses for the seven most common body shapes. My dresses will feel as if they had been made just for you and your shape, because they have!

Over the last eight months we have surveyed over 18,000 women about their body shape and style preferences, in order to identify the way women perceive and dress themselves

You may like to take the style quiz to get your personal style file with recommendation how to dress for your body shape. Already over  20,000 looks have been already created.

Our Key findings

You can find our infographic here for more info and to share!

Fact 1 : Only 20% of women see themselves as the coveted neat hourglass body shape which most designers create clothes for.The comprehensive survey reveals that most women (20.5%) identify themselves as a full hour- glass shape, rather than any other shape. The seven most common body shapes are neat hourglass (19.3%) , apple (16.7%), pear (16.6%), rectangle (10%), lean column (8.9%) and inverted triangle (8%).

Fact 2: Women’s body shape dramatically changes with age. Most women in their teens and early 20s define themselves as a neat hourglass shape, whereas women in their 30s and 40s consider themselves as full hourglass and 50’s and 60’s most likely to be apple.

Fact 3: Your shape is not determined by your size. Size and shape are frequently confused but as the survey confirmed whether you are a size or 6 or 12 you could be a number of different body shapes.

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