Seven Red Dresses – A Style To Suit All

Full hourglass or pear, rectangle or inverted triangle…whatever your shape, there’s a dress to suit all. The key is knowing how to find it. According to Michaela Jedinak ‘stick to the rules of how to create visual balance and you’ll never go wrong’.

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There are a variety of ways to look good and feel confident and one of them includes being yourself. If you are empowered in whom you are, you’ll be confident in what you wear-even in a red dress .

Many women’s wardrobes boast a vast number of dresses; however, these same women will often say ‘I have nothing to wear.’ This isn’t because their wardrobes are bare, but because they feel insecure when they wear what they already have, thus enticing them to buy something new for every ‘big’ occasion.

However, instead of buying blind, it’s important to establish your exact body shape. It’s surprising how many women think they are a pear when in fact they’re an apple, or athletic when they’re actually petite. Wearing the wrong style or fit for your shape is what causes these insecurities.

It’s a proven fact that 44% of women don’t know their body shape, 99% of women often will find that they buy into clothes that don’t suit their shape and one in three purchase clothes they never wear.

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Many will invest in a certain style because they have spotted it on a top model, a friend or in a magazine. However, just because this style suits the wearer, this doesn’t mean it’s going to suit your body shape. Models often boast the perfect figure (which is why they are employed). Designer prototypes are therefore created with this exact shape in mind. What looks appealing on a 5”9 lean torso will look completely different on someone that is 5”2 and pear shaped.

Michaela Jedinak, a personal stylist and the founder of leading personal style and fashion website Joy of Clothes has recently launched ‘Seven Red Dresses’ a unique clothing line that showcases an innovative concept – dresses that are tailored to the wearer’s exact body shape instead of the same dress in several sizes.

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There are seven dresses in total, all of which boast a slightly different cut or fit – Ariana, Alba, Amelia, Anya, Alana, Anna and Ava. Each of these dresses has been designed to hug the figure in all the right places, show off the wearer’s assets and hide their flaws. Each piece has been tailored with the individual’s shape in mind as opposed to being altered in dimension alone. Many high street stores will create the same dress in several different sizes instead of several diverse fits. Size alone however isn’t guaranteed to create an aesthetically pleasing visual balance.

Knowing Your Body Shape

Her website features a style advice section, which allows you to determine your exact body shape using a guide such as the one featured below. Once you learn of your body shape – the way you dress will change forever – completely transforming your look.

You will be amazed at the results and many won’t believe how a slight alteration in the style of an outfit can create an enviable figure. A few of these alterations include a higher neckline, longer sleeves, pleats, a higher waistline or a cinched in waist.

Although all the dresses look similar, they are extremely diverse in cut, style and fit – choosing a cut that has been designed with your precise body shape in mind will allow you to create the perfect balance – the ultimate key to successful dressing.

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The Seven Classic Body Shapes

1. Inverted triangle – Your bottom half is smaller than your broader shoulder top half.

  • Styling Tips – e.g. A fuller skirt will take attention away from broader shoulders creating a balanced silhouette.

2. Lean column – You have narrow shoulders, a small bust, a petite and non-defined waist and narrow hips .

  • Styling tips – A leaner figure requires a feminine cut and one that creates the illusion of curves around the bust and hip area.

3. Rectangle – You boast a straight shoulder line and ribcage with very little waist definition.

  • Styling Tips – Rectangle body shapes require a style that creates the illusion of curves; choose a fit that curves in at the waist yet is the same at the top and bottom.

4. Apple – You have a rounder shoulder line,  an average to bigger bust, fullness around the middle and usually good legs.

  •  Style Tips – Any detailing should be kept to the top half, the dress should create the illusion of a straight up and down silhouette, which means avoiding cinched in waists.

5. Pear – Your hips and thighs may be full; you have a defined waist, shoulders that are narrower than your hips and a small top half.

  •  Style Tips – Styling is very much about finding clothes to balance your frame – look for a style that balances a top-heavy bottom half through the use of sleeves, a higher neckline and a cinched in waist.

6. Neat hourglass – You have a defined bust, a defined waist, a neat bottom and neat hips.

  •  Styling Tips – Those with an enviable hourglass silhouette can wear any style, this is the shape most designers use as their blueprint. Opt for soft flowing fabrics.

7. Full hourglass – Your have a rounded bottom and hips, a small waist and a full bust.

  •  Styling Tips – Look for a cut that highlights your curves in all the right places, a style that boasts a silhouette enhancing design.

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