How to look good for summer time!

What looks best on depends on many factors. Especially during summer times when it is even more difficult to dress right with less clothing.  As inviting as all the colours, looks and trends we should take a minute before choosing the wrong items that will do quiet the opposite of looking good on us. The same dress style can’t look good on all of us and size doesn’t equal suitability. Loving an item is simply not enough to create a good summer look instead we have to think what will create the best visual balance in our look e.g. what looks rounder we need to make look more straighter etc. Dressing takes strategy and in order to look our best we all have to dress to our unique STYLE DNA. 

We are all different in our outward appearance such as body shapes, height, proportions and body features and we all have our unique combination of physical features and personality characteristics. Don’t be tempted to buy styles and trends just because they look great on celebrities and models. The styles may not suit you. You need to find the styles which flatter you best. There is no point being a poor copy of someone else, but instead take a celebrity look as an inspiration on how you can integrate into your own dressing style DNA and create your own signature look. Once you know your style DNA you can easily analyse fashion trends that will work for you and which ones are best to leave out. Dressing right will make you feel good, comfortable and confident about your look and it will stop you of comparing yourself to others.  Last not least it is important to dress age appropriately. Have a look at Michaela Jedinak first dress collection, where she designed dresses to suit your body shape.

Summer dress recommendations for all body shapes how to create visual balance. The aim is to create the balance of a neat hourglass body shape, which is considered the most perfectly balanced figure of all body shapes. If you are not sure of your body shape visit

Neat Hourglass: You can wear whatever you like since you have the most balanced body shape. So, make the most out of the cut open, bandage and bodycon dresses, graphic and floral fitted dresses, ankle strap sandals and stiletto pumps. Studs, logo patterned, fringe or oversized bags. Don’t forget as well to take advantage of the sheer trend.

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Full Hourglass:  Follow your feminine body lines and avoid bulk, clutter and volume around your feminine curves. All dresses that show off your bust, waist and hips are ideal such as fitted, décolleté, wrap, waist belted dresses. Think Marilyn Monroe dress style as well the 1950 fashion trend works great here. Pumps, slingbacks, mid heels and sandals with a bigger heel, work all the bright colours but avoid any patterns. Shoulder bags in solid colours and in and rectangle shape work best.

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Apple:  Follow your bodyline – avoid details around bust, tummy and hips. Keep details in top and lower thirds. Best dress shape are the shift dresses with an a line hemline. Colour block trend works great here but only in the top, half or in the sleeve line. Lace dresses in deeper and solid colour work great here. Colour block hand bags, shopper bags and totes are ideal. All footwear should avoid any petite details in straps and pattern. Best always in having a chunkier heel in pumps and a little heel in flats.

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Pear: You need to balance your top half with your lower half by wearing clothes that make your shoulders look broader. High waisted, or empire dresses with short sleeve or off the shoulder are ideal. As well all colour block dresses that have the attention in the sleeve or shoulder line. Briefcases, shoulder and hobo bags are great. Bigger heel shoes and wedges are perfect for this shape.

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Inverted Triangle : On your bottom half you need to wear clothes that make your hips look broader. Bandeau, strapless, halterneck, skater, drop waist dresses are ideal to balance the broader shoulder line.  The Great Gatsby inspired fashion of the 1920s such as flapper dresses or fringe flatter dress have your name on. Gladiator or bright coloured sandals with or without embellishment and pattern all work well here. All the statement clutch fashion such e.g. perfume bottles, lips or oversize are great choices.

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Lean Column: You need to create the illusion of curves around hips and bust and of a waist. Clutter and clutter is needed here. So, drape, tiered, pleated, graphic, stripe, scenery fashion, t-shirt, floral and polka dot dresses are made for you. Peplum dresses are perfect to add curves to your hips. The 1960 fashion and the sporty trend are picture perfect for this shape. Satchel and messenger bags are adding visual volume to the right places.  Ballerinas, ankle strap sandals and kitten heels are perfect footwear.

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Rectangle: You need to create the illusion of a waist.  Key styles are asymmetric, kaftan, empire, tunic and a line dresses. Dot and floral prints are great choices especially for palazzo trousers, cropped trousers and shorts. Paired them up with duffle, bucket or doctor style bags. Round toes is best, cork wedges, loafers , mary jane and platform shoes.

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