WIWT: Michaela Jedinak wearing her Amelia dress!

Today I am wearing officially for the first time my Amelia dress, that was designed for us pear body shape women. I am feeling the very first time confident, comfortable and good in a dress. It accentuates with its open front slash my upper body and at the same time moves softly with its high waisted straight skirt around my bigger lower part. My Italian lining ensures it moves nicely on my body instead of sticking in an unflattering way on my body. Plus the lining keeps my body cool in this beautiful warm weather.  My Amelia dress is one dress in two meaning a day and evening dress in one. I am wearing it today for a work in the city and will it wear later for a birthday party at a club without thinking that I am not dressed for the occasion.
 You can find more information on this dress, its features and material on www.michaelajedinak.com or you can check it out as well on www.joyofclothes.com. On both websites I am providing concrete style advice who will look best in which designs and why- as well who won’t be looking good in it at all.  Plus all my dresses are illustrated on our STYLEME .

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 13.50.41

I hope you love it as I do.


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