Meet Verity Gill- the founding director of the Grannynet!

Verity Gill is the founding director of Grannynet, which is a support and community network for grantparents , who often step in to help lower those cost for new parents. With her business partner, Charlotte Lloyd Owen they have been developing and expanding the grannynet website and made to Nr. 1 website where grandparents turn to for tips and advice.

My interview with Verity Gill:

1.       What was the inspiration of starting the Granny’s network and how did you take it from an idea to a business?
I thought of Grannynet when I had my first little girl in 2006. Becoming a Mum turned my life upside down and I found it to be one of the most brilliant but scary things I had ever done. Suddenly my mum became the only person I would listen to, yet the only one I wouldn’t listen to. She somehow managed to stay strong for me without the distractions or support of her own network, so I built her one with her help of course! I decided to learn web design programming when my daughter was very young and built Grannynet as a very simple site. In 2009 Charlotte my business partner came on board and helped to transform the business. As the site has become more popular, it has become more sophisticated, so we are now very different from how I started out, but the inspiration has always been the same; Supporting grandparents who support us every day.
2.       What are the 3 most sought out topics on GrannyNet?
Three of the most popular topic areas on the site are Contact issues, Being a Granny-carer and Recipes, however the forum is an extremely popular place to chat and our bloggers and competitions have a big following too.
3.       What is the best practise for a member to get the most out of the Granny’s network?
When members first come to the site we have a great way of helping them to get the most out of us. We give them the option to select an area of the site tailored to how old their grandchildren are, as well as looking at more generic topics areas. Within each age group we have recommended articles, products and bloggers that they would be most interested in. We also run monthly competitions, recipes and a product of the month so there is plenty going on and the content is updated constantly! We also recommend that they get to know other members on the forum as they are the beating heart of who we are.

4.       When it comes to fashion and how to dress for every day and special occasion- what topics do you think are they the most interested about to find out or not written, discussed enough in the fashion world?
When a lady reaches a certain age it seems as though fashion forgets her. We are all ageing so much better these days, and grannies are glam! Most fashion is focussed on the young whereas those who have money to spend are in fact the baby boomers. Our grannynetters are keen to find out how they can be more fashionable than their mothers and grandmothers and how they can stay individual. They don’t want to be seen as mutton dressed up as lamb but they also don’t want to blend into the background.
5.       What is your dress code for work  out with your kids and when going out with friends?

Thank you for your time, Michaela

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