The Christmas Room at My Wardrobe is open!

Christmas shopping can be daunting! You know what you want but you don’t know where to find it and if you find it – it takes forever. Once you found what you are looking for you realise it is out of your budget. Frustration sets in and the knowing you have to press the repeat button on your Christmas shopping and start all over again. UNLESS you do Christmas shopping at the “Christmas Room” at my wardrobe! 

It is organised by the gift shop and party boutique, where you can shop by dresses, Chic Separate, Shoe & Bags, Cover ups and Jewellery for to rock festive events in this seasons must-haves. The gift shop is further divided by which trends you want to shop for and as well in which budget you can shop for! For someone who loves structure and organisation this Christmas Room must be the new ” Mecca”.  Have a look for yourself!

And these are the things I like from the Gift Shop

1. Classic

2. Downtown

3. Trendsetting

3. Country Cool

and this is what I was thinking of having from the Party Boutique 🙂

If you happen to know my husband, please do me the favour and send him this short list. It will make life for him easier and for me a bigger happy surprise:-)


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