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Met Gala 2012 was in fact the ” Worst To Wear” Fashion event!

When I saw the first pictures I wasn’t sure if that was for real or a PR GAG. The outfits and looks by the celebrity were simply horrific across the board.

Only a handful got it kind of right. The whole event reminded me of ” The Emperor’s new clothes”. Were the celebrities and their stylist are taking us for a ride? We have still got eyes – even if our tastes in clothing might be dividing-  most will all agree that the event resembled more the ” Rocky Horror Picture Show” than a Gala for famous and beautiful stars who have all the means in the world to look their best.

Considering it it is the MET Gala in New York- the Dress Code is formal & blue tie. So, why messing with that- it is simply rude. Would you like your guest turning up in a frock that doesn’t resemble a bit your request for that night?

Beyonce– I love you- I think the world of you- but what were you thinking- the dress is absolutely tasteless?  The dress is so wrong in many ways there is no point of pointing out all the faults. You are a beautiful and young superstar- it is not difficult to dress you. So, what happened here?

Christina Ricci– She looks like if she was trying out her mother’s clothes? She is too short for this dress.  It looks ridiculous with the overexaggerated bow and the skimming train. All the proportions are out of balance. Christina-who ever let you out like that did not have your best interest at heart.

Florence Welch wore a dress by Sarah Burton- one of my favourite designers. I simply can’t explain what happened here.  The dress would have been more appropriate for a cartoon movie- where it is more about comic and exaggeration that sense and style. Sorry but this dress fails to impress – it simply insults the wearer and the occasion.

Sarah Jessica Parker– ahhhh–IHHH-the whole look from dress, shoes and hair styles is ghastly. One the main reason why this look doesn’t work is, because it has a very romantic and old fashion look and feel about it. Such a combination can only be pulled off by a very young girl. Women over 40 have to start to stay away from too romantic fabrics & styles. It is simply aging her big time, because with such a romantic look we connect “innocence” – and there is nothing innocent of woman over 40. Sorry Sarah you are looking too desperate too look like a young girl. Why don’t you try instead to work the look of a confident, successful good looking woman in her 40’s who knows her stuff- simply the woman who you are.!

Cameron Diaz sorry no good. You don’t have a waist, so please stop wearing dresses that require one. You need to create the illusion of one instead! Again, sorry to break the news, because I think you are great and I love the designer behind the dress – Stella McCartney, who think is already bigger than life and her designs never fail to impress.

Alexa Chung– one of my favourite style icons. The outfit as well the choice for this occasion is simply a car crash disaster.  But on the other hand I am a bit relieved,because until now she was “uber perfect” in her fashion choices and looks. I am watching her style now for years and she has never ever done a step wrong, but instead simply excelled. So, that makes it ok, because she was a little too perfect.

Anja Rubik– this dress is simply revolting. Who wants to see that she is not wearing any underwear? Since when is that something pretty to see? As well it shows her  far too skinny hipbones…. That whole look is far removed of being pretty in the slightest.

Scarlett Johansson– I get the look you were aiming for, but the drop waist dress is not for you. You are too short for this style and this particular dress. This is a style that needs a set of very long legs.  You look completely unbalanced in the dress.

Dakota Fanning uh- her look reminds me of a ” ghost”.  It is all too washed out. Such a young and pretty girl should have been dressed in something vibrant and closer to her age.  The drop waist dress is absolutely wrong for her shape. She looks simply badly dressed. A sin for such young and attractive girl.

After all these badly dressed ones I like to tell you the one who I think got it absolutely right in terms of dress, look for the occasion right : Diana Agron

So, please tell you me what you think?


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